Roof Top Tents

Combining the convenience of a shell tent with the mobility and freedom to camp wherever your vehicle takes you, our 4x4 and car roof tents are the future of camping.

Your Roof Top Camping Adventure Awaits

Forget about having to find the perfect piece of flat and dry land; when you go roof top camping, you can pitch your tent anywhere. Quick and easy to both set up and pack down, you can enjoy the comfort of a double mattress with the isolation and privacy a traditional tent camper can only dream about.

Built for New Zealand conditions, each of our roof top tents let you enjoy the beauty and ruggedness that our country has to offer, but without the discomfort of sleeping on the ground. Fitted to the top of your land cruiser, ute, 4-wheel drive or any vehicle, mud, rocks and boggy ground are no longer a problem. You can also say goodbye to having your tent entered or investigated by things that go bump in the night.

Enjoy Effortless Camping with our Roof Top Tents

Let your vehicle do the work, carrying your tent while you’re hunting for the perfect campsite. Overlanding wherever your heart desires is made effortless thanks not only to our roof top tents but also because of our practical camping & tent accessories. With no tent to store in the boot, you’ll have plenty of room for some beers and the BBQ.

Built to last, our premium roof top tents are warm and comfortable, having been designed and made specifically to withstand our everchanging climate. Come take a look at our range of roof top camping tents and accessories and join our family of passionate adventure lovers today.